Should You Buy the “Less Than Perfect” Home?

homeWhen shopping for a new home, everyone wants to find a property that has it all. Some homebuyers become so fixated on finding the “perfect” home that they pass too quickly on homes that don’t measure up… but some of these properties have the potential to become your dream home. 

  • A home that is lacking some of your desired features will most likely cost less. These savings may be more than enough to cover any upgrades or renovations you want to make.
  • There will be more properties available on the market for you to consider if you look at the home’s potential rather than the features it has now.

For example, if you are determined to have a wrap-around deck, don’t cross off homes that don’t feature this. Instead, view properties with potential… How would a deck look if it were added? How much would the renovation cost?

Sometimes a diamond in the rough can become a home you’ll treasure for years. Please contact us if you are thinking about finding your next home, we can help you find the right property!