New Home Construction

Purchasing a new home from a builder can be an exciting time, working with a builder to create your perfect home is a great notion. However, it can feel overwhelming. There are so many builders, neighbourhoods and options that the choices may become confusing.

The Joan Smith Real Estate Family will steer you in the right direction. Mrs. Smith and Team knows only too well the ups and downs of buying a new home. The team has extensive knowledge and experience of the new home industry having worked many years with a number of the areas top builders. Whether you are a first time buyer or have been through the process before, our team will help you reduce the research time and guide you through the entire process.

There are advantages in using a broker/sales representative to purchase a new home. Builders have a single price policy, so whether you use a Realtor® or not the builder sells the home at the same price. Most Builders pay the Realtor® a co-broke fee for service. Co-broking is a service that was set up so that the Realtor® community and the Builder community can work in tandem to help clients find the best home. The Joan Smith Real Estate Family has thorough knowledge of this segment of the building market, the builders and their products.

All builders have their list of rules for co-broking. Experienced Brokers and Salespeople know the variations of the co-brokering options of our area builders. It is important that you are protected and understand the rules up front. It is also imperative that Mrs. Joan Smith or Team introduces you to the builders ahead of time. Often the builder will ask you to register by signing a guest card at a builder’s site or even online on their web site, and at this time you should mention you are working with a Realtor ®. It is important that we visit the sales centre with you at the first opportune time in order to represent you.

Finding a builder

You want a builder who is experienced, highly skilled and who offers the best designs and the best quality. Fortunately, builders in the Ottawa area are very reputable and strive to build their homes to the highest standards. The team will help guide you to the best.

There is a code of ethics that governs members which calls for fair and honest dealings with both consumers and the people they do business with. The Joan Smith Real Estate Family deals mainly with members of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (GOHBA) and can recommend these builders. The builders are also members of the Canadian Home Builders Association.

Unfortunately, concerns about the building industry do exist. With our team on your side, and careful research and evaluation of your builders, it is possible to avoid most problems. Good communication between you and your builder will make the entire process run smoother. Discuss your needs with key people, including Joan or members of her team.

The Buying Process

Recognize the importance having The Joan Smith Real Estate Family as your Builder Sales Representative

We will be your primary link during the entire building process which may last 4-12 months. As a buyer, it is your right to be informed. If you are working with another sales representative or the builders representative and feel uncomfortable or do not feel that they have the knowledge or are forthcoming with answers move on. Often times, they work for the builder and must follow the builder’s guidelines. Remember: the only contract valid is the written version. During discussion with a builder member, get your requirements written in the contract or they will not be viewed as valid requirements and will not be done. Keeping this in mind can avoid confusion and disappointments.

Buying New and then Selling Resale

After just purchasing a brand new home usually the last thing on your mind is selling. The Joan Smith Real Estate Family advises to always consider resale in your final equation. Remember location and value. If you go to sell your brand new home in 8 years it will not be so new anymore and now it will be in competition with all the other homes out there. Will it still be special and if so why? So before you move the walls and make it the kind of home only you would buy or before you get that really good deal on a very busy street, think about how your value will increase in the years to come. Remember your home is your investment!

Questions to ask the Builder

After finding a desirable location, the next step is to gather important information pertaining to the area. We can help you get the answers. The following are some of the important questions to ask your sales representative:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • How many homes does the builder produce annually?
  • When would closing be if I purchased now? It is common that the closing date will be anywhere from 4-12 months. If the land is not yet registered you may be looking at anywhere up to two years. Ask if there are inventory homes available for quicker occupancy.
  • Is the builder a member of the Ottawa-Carleton Home Builder’s Association (OSHBA)?
  • How long have you been a member of the Tarion New Home Warranty Program and what is your current rating? Go online to www.tarion.com to view a list of Ontario builders ratings and conciliation.
  • What is your builder warranty? Although the Tarion New Home Warranty Program is specific in their warranty, additional builder’s warranty may vary.
  • Describe your company’s after sales service program? Has it been successful? Often a builder will have a brochure or documentation explaining this program.
  • Are you the developer of the area as well as the builder? This is an important question as the developer controls the area and also controls the lot allotments to the builders. For example, they will often decide where a retaining wall may go and what materials they may be made. The builders may have no influence on this decision.
  • Are maps, surveys and other information (i.e zoning, easements etc) available?