Winter Home Safety


Winter Home Safety

Snowy scenes can be beautiful, but they’re easier to enjoy when everyone is safe and sound. Snow and ice can form hazards around your home. Avoid these hazards by taking precautions after a snowfall.

1. Protect your trees. Snowfall and windy weather may break tree limbs, causing damage to your home and possibly harming people or pets. Use a broom to brush away snow after it falls.. but make sure not to shake trees as weak or frozen areas may break. Before the a snowfall make sure to trim back branches close to the house.

2. Clear paths. Keep your walkways and driveways slip-resistant by shoveling (or snow blowing) regularly. Use ice melt that is safe for plants and pets to provide traction, including the steps to your home. If you’re going out of town, ask a friend or neighbour to help.

3. Watch your roof. Get rid of icicles that may fall on anyone entering or exiting your home. Look out for potential rooftop “ice dams” holding snow and water, causing damage. Remove the ice near easvestroughs and be careful not to harm shingles or drains. To be extra safe, hire an expert.