Tips to make a small room look bigger

If you are looking to open up a small space to give it a feel that is bigger than it’s footprint, these tested tips are for you. They work in any room and within any budget.


• Use light colours on the walls to create a sense of openness and space. White is an excellent choice but you won’t sacrifice much of the illusion by selecting a light colour, if that is your preference. Conversely, dark or heavily saturated colours close in a room, giving it a smaller, cozy feel.

• Create the illusion of more space with a mirror or two. Adding a large mirror, whether it is floor to ceiling or a framed piece over a couch or table, is highly effective.

• Swap out curtains for hidden blinds and say good-bye to your rug. Elements that break up the space will make the room seem smaller. This is especially true of longer curtains. Those vertical lines shorten the appearance of your wall. An exception is if your curtains are an exact match to the paint colour, such as white on white walls or if you select more sheer material that allows the eye to see past the fabric.

• When it comes to furniture, less is more. If a room feels crowded with furniture, you notice the lack of space. It is worth removing a chair that doesn’t get used to improve the look of your room.

• Choose apartment-sized furniture. With consistent and growing demand from condo living, there are excellent options to choose from at a variety of price points. You don’t need a supersized couch to feel comfy. Select furniture that allows for the eye to see as much of the space behind the piece as possible. If it works for your décor, consider a glass coffee or dining table. Try to avoid chairs where material covers the legs of the chair. Clear resin is a great choice if the room has a contemporary design.

These tips will make any space seem larger and there is no need to sacrifice on style. Have fun decorating!