Tips for Buying a Rental Property in Ottawa

If you’re considering purchasing a house or condominium in Ottawa for an investment to rent, there are fundamentals to understand to make a good investment decision. You must also understand what is required of yourself (time, effort and money). Additional monthly income sounds appealing but the bottom line is to approach it as a business to be successful. Here are a number of items to consider for buying a rental property in Ottawa:

  • Tips-for-buyingUnderstand the Residential Tenancy Act (Landlord and Tenants Rights)
  • Determine if buying an investment rental property is right for you. Think about the time and effort you will need to spend on the property and its management and maintenance.
  • Cash or finance? Analyze which is the best approach for you.
  • Find the right location. Will it appeal to tenants and is it in a location easy for you to access to manage the property.
  • Status of the rental market. What is the present supply of rental properties on the market and how quickly are similar properties renting?
  • Success may require a long-term outlook.
  • Budget for the unexpected
  • Remember to renew your leases and adjust the rent according to the Ontario rent increase guideline
  • Don’t forget rental property at tax time i.e. income and capital gains

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