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We feel really fortunate that we had Joan and her team (Victoria & Luc) for selling our home .They were very professional and amazingly transparent during the entire process. Each steps from signing the paper work to photo-shoot, showings, negotiations were done with utmost care. As a first time seller, we were nervous but Victoria thoroughly explained the process, did an in-depth market evaluation for our house and explained all possible scenarios. Our house got sold with multiple offers over the asking price. We are very satisfied and truly appreciate their hard work. We would highly recommend Joan and her team for any real state services.

Hasan & Sangita

Hi Joan,

We are 100% satisfied with the service we have received. We tried to sell our house in the second half of November. It took only eight days to have a contract. We could not hope for a better outcome.

On the other hand, it took us about a month to choose which real estate agent we should be working with. We had talked to four of the best real estate agents in Ottawa. Joan’s appraisal of our house value was not the highest but we still wanted to work with her, based on her experience in Kanata, specifically on our street and also her warm personality combined with her upright professionalism. We could tell that she obviously liked being a real estate agent and it showed in her manner of talking about the house. She reminded us the experienced maternity nurses who deliver many babies in a day but act as if she is in the hospital to deliver this singe baby who is so very special to his/her parents. And she can do the same for every baby she delivers day after day.

Joan paid great attention to detail during the staging of our house, overseeing individual changes. I believe my wife is one of those most creative and artistic persons there is and Joan obviously gained her trust from day one, which made communication very easy and unstrained between them. That alone made a difference in my wife’s stress full day showing the house, keeping the house presentable while packing at the same time. Joan took every little lead with outmost attention. There was no lead too small for Joan. She gave the impression as if all day she was working on finding a new potential buyer and new angle to present the property. When a potential buyer inquired about the property whether or not it is suitable for a pool, the same day, Joan asked for the backyard improvement plans and made photocopies available to potential buyers.

She spoke slowly and deliberately and what she said came to pass every time, that alone was reassuring while trying to find our feet in the sudden move we have found ourselves in. Once I faced a major hurdle during the process, I found out about it in the evening. I parked my car in the drive way before entering the house afraid that my face would depress the whole family. While still in the car, not knowing what to do, I called Joan. She assured me that this will be taken care of and she would find out what our options are the first thing in the morning. By tomorrow noon, the issue was resolved. She was key to finding the right people to talk with to find the answers.

To sum it up really, the way I feel about the whole selling our house experience is that, as in every line of work, there are those people that are winners. They simply win. And you really need to do your homework and find those people and work with them. That is all you need to do to win yourself.

Nuri & Turkan

Hi Team!

Years ago, Joan helped me sell our first home and was kind and gracious. We knew we would use her again to have Joan and team sell our home; she set it up wonderfully for pictures, and was excellent and very helpful in negotiations.

Now it was time for me to buy my next house. Joan Smith’s Real Estate Family are great people to work with. Victoria was very knowledgeable in helping me with this next step. She is a true professional real estate agent, also very conscientious about the community and how we live. I truly appreciate the human side, as much as the professional side. She had great patience in my home search and was a marvelous listener. She really helped direct me to make my decision and looking into all the details. Joan even helped with ideas on how to decorate my new house when I asked for her opinions. Stew was an asset during the building inspection. Their office was very efficient in helping with researching properties and booking appointments.

All in all, they really work as a family, and each one is a true professional. I am looking forward to my new home.


Hello Joan,

We would like to express our sincere thanks to you for your professional work and excellent service, thanks also to Stewart, Luc, Victoria, your office assistant and front desk secretary.

You did a good research by comparing those recently sold homes similar to ours before setting the price. The photographer, by unfolding colourful pictures of the home, both interior and exterior, led us into the virtual tour. The home description, put in the well-designed feature sheet, with distinguishing features of each part of the home being highlighted, brought us to another virtual tour. Efficient marketing, sustained advertising and various networks rapidly matched the home to potential new owners. Skillful negotiations finally resulted in selling success.

Thanks again!
Shude & Fenglian


Thank you Joan and your Team — Luc and Vicky.

You worked hard but always with patience, efficiency and a positive attitude.
I was impressed right from the beginning with the time you took for “Staging”. Others ( Competitors ) said it wasn’t necessary but you proved them wrong. We were always happy to see our house advertised every week. The Brochure showing details of the Property — both inside and out were outstanding — especially the photography. Thank you also for keeping us abreast of the market so that we felt comfortable with the price changes that were made. I personally always felt comfortable with ” JOAN ” every time we met to negotiate — right up to the closing of the sale.
We love you guys and will always be grateful for your efforts which resulted in our house being SOLD.
Our thoughts and prayers are for all your future success. Thanks again.
Donn & Diana

Hi Joan,

When we made the decision to sell our home, we had also decided that we would meet with more than one realtor before making a final decision with whom we would list. After meeting with Joan Smith, there was no question as to why she was our preferred choice. The key service that she provides vs. other realtors is the market evaluation of your home. It is a well-defined process, on top of which she is an accredited appraiser, and we were able to understand how she arrived at the final market value vs. the other realtors using simply what the neighbors had listed.

She also uses a number of marketing tools that are tried and true, not to mention the expansive network of clientele she has developed over her career, and her specialized knowledge of the Kanata market/area.
When the day came for pictures, Joan and her team were there to finesse the final home staging; the quality of the pictures along with the supplemental write-up highlighted the best features of our home.

During the negotiations and closing services, we can say that Joan is indeed a professional and we felt that our interests were kept at the forefront throughout the process.

I would fully endorse Joan and her team; their process, professionalism, their overall understanding of the market and that this is your biggest investment, is beyond what I have ever experienced and would be hard to top.

Tricia & Quentin

To the Joan Smith Real Estate Team (Joan, Victoria and Luc)

We were looking for a realtor who was local, experienced and knew how to sell Kanata. Our first phone call was made to the Joan Smith Real Estate team and after a quick chat with Victoria to ask a few questions on their services, we set a meeting date, feeling this was the only call we would need to make. After that first meeting, we knew we had made a great choice. We did not just meet with a single realtor, we met with the entire team. We found it so easy to work with them.

Joan provided us with a detailed market evaluation that was visual, meaningful and based on current information. She made it easy for us to compare our home against others that sold in the area and we could see the best listing price range that would ensure we were getting fair market value and would attract the largest number of buyers.

Added to this was the collaboration by the team in staging and getting the best photo shots that would present our home in the best light, sure to attract buyers. And this was not simply a couple of select photos, they prepared a large array of additional photos and multimedia shots, including 360 views, throughout the house that were also posted to attract buyers.

This team was aggressive in marketing our home right from the very start, with Luc taking early photos for advertisements and real estate magazines. These efforts really showed. Our home had a major flurry of activity with several viewings on the very first day and then that is all it took. In less than 24 hours we had multiple offers to review. What a great problem to have.

This entire team answered any questions we asked. Even in the moments we most needed it, Joan was there to take our calls and provided valuable counsel and advice when asked. Her experience and guidance was solid. This entire team diligently worked away until the “Sold” sign went up.

Highly recommended,
Leslie & Larry

The first time I met Luc was during an open house he hosted. He wasn’t pushy or overwhelmingly chatty and he respected my sense of privacy and I sincerely appreciate that. After two weeks I contacted him and started my house hunt journey. I will cut down to the chase to tell you why I feel lucky to have met Luc.
1) I never for once felt that he just wanted to make a sale and close a deal.
2) He is very knowledgeable with regards to house structure and garden leveling.
3) He is very generous in sharing his knowledge with his clients. Often he brought certain things to my attention that I wasn’t aware off.
4) Every time I went out with him I felt that I am going out with a loyal friend or family member who is 100% looking on my side. I never doubted him.
5) Once he figures out what you exactly want, he will be on the lookout. The minute he finds what you want, you will get that urgent call “there is something you have to see today!” And there is 90% chance that you will like what he found and make your move.
6) He is fun to go out with for viewing and he never cancels viewing appointments regardless of weather condition.
7) He is very dedicated and committed to his work. He is a professional and highly organized.

If I had to do it all over again, I would still choose Luc. The entire process went seamlessly due to the entire package Luc brings with him. On behalf of my family, thank you very much for helping us find our dream home. We sincerely appreciate your help.

Best regards,
Diar & Family