Staying in Touch – November 2021

Looking Forward to this Holiday Season. It was a beautiful Summer and Fall! Hopefully all is well with your family.

Remember the National Remembrance Day Ceremony Thursday November 11th and all the special people who gave and continue to give their outstanding support. Christmas is coming soon and everyone is happy to see the results of the Covid-19 vaccine. This should help us all enjoy a more normal Christmas and holidays.

The real estate market in Ottawa has finally had remarkable gains and has had good attention from other cities in Canada. Supply of properties on the market remains low and this is resulting in the continued market gains and showing the value of properties in our City compared to others. It is always our pleasure to answer any questions or pass along any market stats in your neighborhood to you.

We have had a very busy year and it is delightful to help all our clients. We have had clients investing in real estate for the first time and amazed at the current value of their property.

We are supporting two junior hockey teams again this year and it is great to see them have fun and be so excited to play!

Recently we have had fun making a few new videos and supporting some local organizations and businesses. See one of the videos at: https://www.joansmith.com/the-team/sponsorship/

See our other new videos on our YouTube channel

As always, we would love to hear from you, whether a short chat on what you have been up to or question about real estate. Feel free to call or send us an email.

Joan, Victoria and Luc

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