Staying in Touch – August 2020

No doom and gloom in store for Canadian real estate.

lakeThe market for July was strong and we are expecting the market to continue being strong and generally follow the opening of the economy. The prices of homes have improved year over year, an average 15.7% increase for Ottawa for residential and condos year to date (Year to date July 2020 – Residential and Condominium Sales, Ottawa Real Estate Board). We have buyers looking to purchase and some sellers waiting a little longer to put their home to market.

As things continue to improve, you might have some questions about the local real estate market. Are homes selling? Where are prices right now in my neighbourhood? What’s the selling process given the restrictions still in place? How are people shopping for new homes? We would be happy to explain the protocol on selling and buying in these times, it has been working well. We are always here to help, whether it be understanding market value, preparing your home, pros and cons of renovating vs. selling, please feel free to contact us.

We will be supporting the Grass Root Grannies Ride to Turn the Tide in September, although it will be a shorter ride, the effort to raise money for this well deserved charity is important, see more info here. 

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