Staying in Touch – Spring Newsletter

2019 – Spring is finally breaking through!

It is the time of year that everyone enjoys to see the trees budding and the flowers starting to grow, but it is also our time to review our to-do list outside and inside of our homes if we are thinking of selling. Start now to prepare your home for the market.
Has your house been through a lot this year? Curb appeal is very important when selling your home in the Spring. It is a great opportunity to boost your home’s value. Remember you only have one chance at a first impression.

Our reminder list may be helpful to you:
1) Spruce up your yard.
2) Power wash your walkways and parts of your home.
3) Highlight your natural light.
4) Change what is outdated – The small items.
5) Bring your garden inside.
6) Be prepared for Canada’s ever-changing spring weather. Present both an outdoor mat and an indoor mat at the front door.
7) Anything that is broken, fix it, as a building inspector will find it.
– For detailed information send an email to mail@joansmith.com

It is always hard to detach yourself from emotions and memories in and around your home. Looking forward, it is the process to building new memories in your new home.

The supply of homes in certain price ranges is good but first time buyers’ homes under $500,000 are still limited. Remember this is the largest market share of buyers and therefore should sell more quickly. Mortgages are at attractive rates and the government is looking at changing the rules for first time home buyers. The rental market is tight and this certainly would help more buyers to be able to purchase.The market is well started and anyone thinking of selling this year, if you need a comparative market analysis we would be please to do one for you.

Joan, Victoria and Luc


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