Is it time to downsize? or better said right-size.

downsizingIt is important to know that downsizing is not downgrading. It is about simplifying and changing your lifestyle that better fits you and your family.

Would you like more information on right-sizing your home in preparing for a lifestyle change or retirement? There are different factors to consider, speak with a realtor, financial advisor and your family to decide when the best time is for you.

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Right-sizers, Empty Nesters & Retirees, consider these points when contemplating right-sizing:

1. Strategize – make a plan with a timeline, consider what is important to you, what you are spending your money and time on.
2. Weigh the benefits of renting vs. buying.
3. Use your plan, don’t rush to buy a home.
4. Make a budget, don’t buy a home or anything you can’t easily afford.
5. Consider trying somewhere new, check out other neighbourhoods and what they offer.

Below are some steps to help you right-size your home successfully:

1. Make a plan with a timeline.
2. Organize – classify your possessions (keep, give, sell).
3. Donate and sell possessions – start with a simple room to make room for storage.
4. Digitize – photos and home videos.