Financial Links

Whether you are considering your first home purchase, upgrading, or relocating, you will have a number of financial issues to consider. There are numerous excellent websites dedicated to providing financial information on a variety of topics. The sites listed below are written for the Canadian consumer.

General Financial Information

www.moneysense.ca | This is a comprehensive site offering financial news, investment-tracking and personal finance articles from MoneySense magazine.

http://money.ca.msn.com/ | This is a complete site for managing your portfolio. It features financial news, stock quotes, analysts’ recommendations, stock and mutual fund research, plus advice on investing, banking, planning and more.

Moving Money

www.paypal.com | This site allows you to send and receive money electronically, transferring funds to a credit card or bank account. Security features are in place as PayPal increases in popularity.


www.osc.gov.on.ca | The Ontario Securities Commission site aims to protect Canadian investors with its Investor Resources section, where you can get tips for investing safely online.

www.globefund.com | Get mutual fund news, daily commentary and a list of funds with five-star ratings from this Globe and Mail site. A special feature is the Fund Filter to find mutual funds that match your goals.


www.kanetix.com | This site almost makes insurance shopping fun. Enter your details for car, travel, property or life insurance and it spits out quotes from multiple insurance providers in your province (Quebec has been added to the roster recently).


Take advantage of your bank’s online offerings, but don’t ban yourself from visiting the competition. Many sites offer a wealth of information and some are stronger in certain areas.

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