Look what we have sold in Bridlewood & Emerald Meadows


Look what we have sold in Bridlewood & Emerald Meadows

Note: red squares represent all properties listed or sold by Joan Smith since 1996.

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Your home is usually your biggest investment in your life. Friends and neighbours might tell you they love what you have done with the place, but how many times have you heard a relative say “I wouldn’t have chosen that colour”, or “Why did you do that to the kitchen?”. It is worse when you put your home up for sale, everyone has an opinion on your list price. Friends and neighbours often say that you are not asking enough or that your agent only wants a quick sale.

The key rules in pricing a home are:

  1. Review the “Sold” listings in your area.
  2. Review the current active listings in the area.
  3. Review how many homes are being absorbed by the market every month.

We would be happy to help you with these important steps to price your home correctly.