Landscaping Tips To Increase Property Value


Landscaping Tips To Increase Property Value

One of the most important and easiest ways to increase your property’s value is to have great curb appeal. Below are some tips to help you get started.

Have a good strategy. Choose a design with diversity, but don’t clutter the entire yard with high-maintenance plants. Choose a uniform look with enough diversity for interest and a good mixture of shrubs and perennials.

Plant trees and hedges. People view trees as an eco-friendly option as they remove carbon dioxide and pollution from the air. The shade is a nice place to relax, and helps keep homes cooler. If you have a new home, plant trees or hedges in your first couple of years as it will take time for them to grow big enough to provide privacy and shade. Spending time and money on new countertops or paint can be done in a very short amount of time over the winter months.

Edge your lawn. Edging along your driveway, sidewalk and garden beds show how meticulous you care for your property. Nothing looks better than a lawn that is carefully maintained, vibrant and neatly edged.

Match your home’s style. If you own a modern home, create a modern landscape with plenty of greenery and natural looking beds. If you own a Victorian home, a cottage-style landscape that blends in with old-fashioned formality will look great.

Think about different seasons. Having plants for each season will keep your landscaping attractive all year. Blooming bulbs for Spring, shrubs with bright coloured leaves for Fall, and evergreens for the Winter.

Landscaping will give you a big return on your investment with a good plan and design. If you would like more tips or ideas please contact us here.