Innovative COVID-19 Testing – University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Health Canada approved the use of the Spartan Bioscience portable COVID-19 test in the past week. This innovative test is the world’s smallest DNA analyzer that can produce results in less than an hour.

It all started with Dr. Derek So, clinician investigator and staff cardiologist at the Heart Institute and professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Ottawa.

Dr. Derek So and his colleagues, partnered with Spartan BioScience in 2012 developing a test to identify patients at risk of complications from anti-platelet therapy following a heart procedure. Now this device can detect carriers of COVID-19 in just 30 minutes. The device doesn’t require the expertise and equipment of a large lab and is no larger than a coffee cup, making it portable and convenient for use in airports, doctor’s offices and border crossings.

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