How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Fall

With the cooler fall temperatures approaching, it’s time to start prepping your air conditioner. To ensure the unit is in good condition for next year, below are some simple ways to maintain your AC unit.

Monitor Temperature Gauge
Keep an eye on the thermostat to see if the temperature stays where you want it to. If the room temperature fluctuates, or if the unit seems to run for several minutes before cooling the air, you may have a problem. The unit should be checked by a technician if it does not register the actual temperature or maintain the temperature.

Check Performance
Turn your AC on to see how it performs. Check how long it takes to reach the temperature you have set. Is the air cool? Does the unit make any unusual sounds? Take note of anything that is out of the ordinary and address it now instead of next Spring.

Schedule Maintenance
It’s a good idea to get an annual inspection and assessment of your AC unit even when everything seems to be working fine. You may not have noticed a small problem that can be diagnosed by an expert.

Get Repairs Taken Care Of
Waiting for the warmer weather to fix any issues with your AC unit could potentially make things worse. If a problem does come up in the inspection, have the repair fixed as soon as possible so you can enjoy the AC on the first hot day next summer.