Home Renovations – How to approach


Home Renovations – How to approach

A home renovation can yield significant return on investment when done with the right research and tools.

Permits Some renovations you want to do will require you to apply for a building permit, and after expect a visit from a city inspector at different stages of renovations. In addition to building permits you may need Hvac permit, landscaping permit, electrical permit or plumbing permit. A great way to find out which home renovations Ottawa requires permits (Ottawa building permits & renovating)

Budget & Unexpected Costs Don’t start without a budget, do your homework and research. Always add some contingency dollars to your total renovation budget for unexpected costs that you or your licensed contractor may uncover. Although you may be disappointed with having to spend dollars on items you can’t see when your renovation is done, it is important to do it right to avoid issues and costs down the road.

Over-Improving It is important to remember that if you are trying to increase the value of your home there is rarely a $1 for $1 return.  Sometimes we think of what we would like to see in a home versus what truly matters when buying a home. Fixing your roof, updating your windows or furnace, adding some landscaping before renovating your bathroom or kitchen may offer a better return on investment.

Patience Everyone wants a home renovation job done quickly. However, with some patience and understanding that it takes time, the fewer and less costly mistakes will incur.

If you have home renovations tips to share or would like advice on what would be the best renovation project to start on your home, feel free to reach out to us here.