Home Energy Saving Tips that Won’t Leave You Shivering or Sweating

Home Energy Saving Tips

Home Energy Saving Tips that Won’t Leave You Shivering or Sweating

If you want to reduce your home energy costs, the easiest way is to turn the thermostat up or down. In fact, you probably won’t notice a difference of 2 degrees either way — and the savings can be substantial. However, if you want to lower your bill even further each month, here are some additional home energy saving tips that are relatively easy to implement:

  • Plug or fix the drafts. Even in newer homes, air filtration can occur at windows and doors. So, check around your home for drafts. Windy or cold days are the best days to check. Then, get any drafts you find repaired or, at least, temporarily plugged.
  • Check the attic. Heat rises and can escape through the attic. So, once a year, check the attic insulation for thin or bare spots. The insulation should be even across the space.
  • Get smart with your thermostat. Most thermostats these days are programmable. In the summer, program your thermostat to be easy on the A/C during the day and save the cooling for nighttime. In the fall and winter, program your thermostate to reduce the heat at night and when you’re away in the winter.
  • Unused rooms? Adjust the vents to reduce the amount of A/C or heat. You might be surprised by how much that will lower your energy bill.
  • Harness the sun. It’s free energy! Whenever possible, keep curtains open during cooler seasons to take advantage of this heat source, even on cloudy days. Do the opposite during on hot summer days.
  • Try some of these ideas over the next couple of months. Then, look at the impact they’ve had on your energy costs.


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