Finding the Perfect Kid-Friendly Neighbourhood


Finding the Perfect Kid-Friendly Neighbourhood

Lasting memories are built in neighbourhoods where the amenities match your lifestyle.

When your kids grow up, what will they remember about their childhood neighbourhood? Was it the playground where they met their first friend? The park where they learned how to ride a bike?

There are three simple E’s to keep in mind when choosing your next neighbourhood. 

  • Entertainment: If your child is enrolled in programs or leagues, make sure the right facilities are nearby such as pools, or soccer fields.
  • Education: Ensure you are searching in a neighbourhood that has the right resources to help with your child’s education. How do the schools rate? Are there any libraries or art studios near by
  • Environment: Choose a quiet and safe neighbourhood where your child doesn’t need to cross a busy street to go to school or the park. Check if there are other families with kids the same age.

If you would like information on a specific neighbourhood and the amenities they offer, click here to view our neighbourhood pages or feel free to contact us!