Effect of Trees on Property Value

Effect of Trees on Property Value

Effect of Trees on Property Value

As a team of Ottawa realtors®, a question we get asked when clients are getting ready to put their home up for sale is, what is the effect of trees on property value? You will be happy to know that they do affect property value positively.

Investing in your house is a good thing but investment in the exterior of the home often finds itself at the bottom of the list. Because it takes time for landscape improvements to mature, this is one area homeowners should try to prioritize as it can increase a home’s value by 10 to 20% as long as it is done properly.

To get the best return keep the following in mind:

  1. Use trees and shrubs native to your area, match your soil condition as much as possible to increase the chances of your trees and shrubs surviving. Native plants save you time and money because they survive all of your region’s weather elements. Also, they’re a perk for prospective home buyers because they typically require less maintenance than non-native plants.
  2. Keep in mind plants can grow quite large. For example, a maple or spruce tree planted five to ten feet away from your house may look good when first planted but as they grow they will be too close to your house and could damage it in the long term. Refer to the adult size of the specific tree or shrub and plant accordingly.
  3. Placed appropriately, certain trees can help with your energy consumption by shading your house in the Summer and allowing the sun to come through the windows in the Winter and protecting your house from the cold Winter winds.  The benefits of trees when they are healthy are huge but trees can also pose a concern if they aren’t healthy and that will effect your property value negatively. Some signs to be on the lookout for: if is partially dead, if it is close to your home, or if it has branches hanging over your roof.

A well thought out plan when it comes to landscaping will save you dollars in the long term and potentially add some too. Landscape Architects are trained in designing outdoor spaces that respect your needs and consider your environment. Nurseries are also a good resource to help you select the right trees or shrubs to meet your needs. Before the snow comes, now it a good time to walk around your yard, make a plan and consult a professional.

If you would like more tips or ideas for great curb appeal feel free to contact us. Not only is Luc a bilingual Ottawa realtor® but he also has a degree in landscape architecture and practiced in the field for many years. Luc is happy to answer your questions.