Dear Mrs. Smith,

Now that the sale of my house is almost completed, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for making this difficult and stressful process so smooth and successful.

I was extremely impressed with the way you conducted the market evaluation of the house, based on a thorough inspection and comprehensive analysis of the current market trends. It revealed your extensive knowledge, long experience, meticulous attention to detail, and great instincts for real estate. As one of my friends put it, Mrs. Smith got the house.

I really appreciated your guidance on how to prepare the house for sale. It allowed me to improve the condition of the house and make it more presentable.

Also, I was perfectly satisfied with the staging and photography, which highlighted the attractive features of the house and reflected its character, as well as your marketing strategy, which was very effective.

I am thankful that you were so patient, supportive and always available when needed. I felt very comfortable dealing with you knowing that I could trust your judgement and expertise.

Once again, my sincere thanks to you, Victoria and Luc for providing truly excellent service to me throughout the entire process and making the dreaded sale of my family home a surprisingly positive experience.

Best regards